4 All New Programs!

– Jamal’s Deadlift Specialization v3 // Rondel’s The Total Specialist Program!

– SSTT’s Fat Loss & Body Recomp // SSTT’s Bodybuidling Upper Lower + Shoulders!

All Programs drop at 1pm EST on Friday November 10th!

These are some of our most highly requested programs and the video above gives you more detail on what you get and how much work went into these to ensure that you get what you come to us for; Progress!

You can scroll below to see the Top 3 features on each of the programs, Sign-up for a Day 1 discount code & see what some people had to say about our other programs!


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Top NEW Features:

Jamal Browner’s Deadlift Specialization V3:  

> This program is our first ever specialization program to come with 2 different versions tailored to sumo or conventional. This allows us to really target the different styles of pulling and guarantee progress! 

> Like our programs in the intermediate series Training Volume, Intensity and Exercise selection are automatically adjusted based on your input. What’s special here is that we also alter the volume of your accessories through the week to ensure fatigue is managed well and keep your performance on the main lifts high.

> The main focus of this program is the Deadlift but unlike most deadlift programs out there it also includes Full Squat & Bench Press training. This means that this is the only program you need to cover all your training!

Rondel Hunte’s The Total Specialist: 

> This program is 15 weeks long our longest training program yet. It includes 3 distinct phases, 2 deload weeks and peaks you to a gym mock meet or real competition! During each phase Exercise selection, Accessories, Training Volume and lifting Intensity are all automatically adjusted based on your input.

> This program includes over 2 hours of coaching style content answering any question that may come up and explaining in details how to get the most progress out of this program and even in your training going forward. This makes this program great for lifts of any level and even better for beginners and intermediates!

> This program features a 4 day a week split and follows the exact training split that Rondel did leading into USAPL RAW Nationals 2023. Although the volume can be adjusted it is perfect for lifters who usually feel beat up somewhat quickly and want to find a sustainable way to progress all 3 of their lifts. This program is also built with the ability to be run back to back repeatedly!

SSTT’s Fat Loss / Body Recomp System: 

> This is by far our most advanced program yet and it can do anything from guide you on the way to losing 12% of your current body weight to staying the same body and helping you build lean muscle mass and recomposition. It can automatically give anyone of any age, body weight or build starting macros and continually update them over the course of 12 weeks to guide you to you goal!

> This fat loss / body recomp system comes with over 15 videos discussing fat loss, body recomp, lifting on a cut, supplements, cardio, how to track macros, recommended foods, sample meals and everything in between with a certified nutritionist.

The training program side of this body recomp system is fully “Home gym friendly” as the entire program (including all main movements & accessories) can be customized to be performed with as little equipment as a bar, rack, bench and plates.

> This system is designed to be run back to back to back to back. Meaning that this program can be reused for any weight loss goal or body recomp goal that you have right now or in the future.

SSTT’s Bodybuilding Upper Lower + Shoulders: 

> Unlike some of our other programs which are powerbuilding based and focus on both strength and muscle. This program is designed with one goal in mind: GAIN LEAN MASS. If that’s what you want to do, this is the one.

> This program follows a traditional upper, lower, upper, lower split but adds a twist with an additional day focused on strictly on the shoulders and arms to really build a more aesthetic physique as these muscle groups are often overlooked in typical SBD training.

> In terms of exercise selection this is by far our most customizable program. Every single accessory is customizable with some of them even having over 10 different options. All accessories have home gym friendly options and on top of that the volume of this program is customizable based on our automatic questionnaire system!

Here’s what a hand full of guys had to say about our other training programs over the last 3 years:

“I think it does an incredible job at making it as personalized as possible. Everybody gets an amazing program for them based off of their lifestyle and equipment.” – Xander


“Really enjoyed this program, by far the best time I had going to the gym. Working up to a heavy set and after that doing quite some volume really worked for me, I was able to add 35kg to my total. No regret buying this!” Cedric


“For a non – specialization plan the technique part is amazing.

It is worth the money if you want to increase every Powerlifting movement.” – Alex



“Best strength program I’ve run so far. Gained 40lbs on my squat, 20lbs on bench, and 50lbs on deadlift. This is based on rpe 9 singles from week 11 so the actual maxes might even be a bit higher. Would definitely recommend the program to those who want to increase their big 3 total.” – S.O.


“Great value for the price you pay, good information and great customization for a program made for everybody. It is what you would expect and a bunch more.” – Melker


“I absolutely love Jamal’s programs. I did volume 1 first and it added 50lbs to my squat, 20lbs to my bench, and 70lbs to my deadlift. I’m just finishing up the deload week on the intermediate volume 2 program, and I can’t wait to see the results when it comes time to max out. These are the best programs I’ve ever done for powerlifting.” – Josh


“This program is by far one of the best out there. I can’t imagine this being beat by any other program. The customization on each of the lifts is also amazing. You can literally set up the program suited to your self as well as choose the secondary lifts you like best. I also really like how there were top singles in the program to build confidence and technique.” – Brian


“This is unreal guys! You all should be proud of making this! Im quite new to powerlifting im already in week 4 and my lifts i can tell are already on the rise. 180kg pause deadlift for 1 now is 6 reps at week 4. Thank you cant wait to see the end lifts.” –  Tom


“Absolutely incredible value for money. It is so customisable and caters to your every need. Worth every penny!” – James


“You can’t beat this program for the price a lot of information for cheap thank you guys” – Mike


“Man, currently in week 10, my Max bench was 85 kg Before i Benched 105 for 3 today rpe 7.. dont know Why But it Works. Just invest the 40 bucks or whatever and gain like crazy” – Tom


“Strong contender for best PL program out there imo 5/5” – Jaydan


“Overall added 45kg/99.2lbs to my total in the short 3 months 44lbs to my squat 33lbs to my bench and 22 lbs to my deadlifts absolutely recommend this program to any intermediate to advanced lifter very pleased with the progress!!!” – Jeffery


“Holy fuck this shits good. Stuck at 405 for 2 years and did a 60lb or in 12 weeks. If you’re not running this what are you doing with your life you fucks. Thanks Jamal and team y’all are sick as fuck.” – Avery