Kaiden Oliver, Canada

“I have been working with Sanjeev for about 2.5 years now and it has been one of the best decisions I could have made. In that time span, I have added 150lbs to my squat, 80lbs to my bench, and 125lbs to my deadlift. Before working with Sanjeev, I had major form issues on all […]

Carson Armitage, USA

“I’ve been working with Rondel and Strength Studio TT for 1 1/2 years. Previously I was in the gym but needed guidance. From the very beginning, I learned the importance of maximizing your leverages to lift weight more efficiently. Through many personalized videos, voice messages, and FaceTime calls Rondel helped me improve my technique. I […]

Callah Dornfield, USA

“I’ve been working with Rondel since October 2022, and I’ve felt so much more confident in my lifts and technique since then. I’ve seen progress in all three lifts, while also dropping in bodyweight. Rondel is amazing to work with, and always provides great feedback in a timely matter. He is incredibly knowledgeable and easy […]

Chen Astragano, Isreal

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sanjeev since March 22. Since then, my technique and overall performance have improved significantly. One of the challenges I faced was a knee injury that had been bothering me for a few years, making it difficult for me to squat properly. However, Sanjeev and I worked together […]

Colby Carlson, USA

“I first started chatting with Rondel from StrengthStudio TT a year and a half ago on Instagram after noticing that a lot of insanely strong people were coached by him. I started direct messaging him on Instagram asking him tons of questions and he answered all of them promptly even know I wasn’t his client. […]

Seth Denmark, USA

“I’ve been working with Sanjeev for over a year now. He is my first powerlifting coach and I’ve been powerlifting for a little over two years now. Since working with him my form has completely transformed. He is extremely knowledgeable with what correct form looks like and is able to provide very good and easy […]

Dylan Protesto, USA

“I have been working with coach Sanjeev and Strength Studio TT since September of 2021. I’ve had nothing but a great experience so far in the past 3 years. My strength and form has improved drastically in that time thanks to Sanjeev’s vast knowledge of powerlifting, form analysis and block structuring. Having a coach that […]

Renze Gritter, Netherlands

“I have been training for 6 years now. The last two years I’ve been coached by Sanjeev. My goal is to get stronger, and to eventually compete in a powerlift competition. Sanjeev is helping me in this journey. Every week I send him videos of my lifts and he sends back commentary. The cues I […]

Ethan Stone, USA

“I was told that it takes a long time to develop a coach-athlete relationship that fosters substantial progress and entertaining banter. At SSTT, Sanjeev has proven to me that this “long time” is approximately 2 hours. I’m starting my fourth month with Sanjeev and his scientific approach has changed the way I approach powerlifting. I […]

Clay Barone, USA

“I started working with Sanjeev 2 weeks after my second hip surgery and he’s essentially provided me with sport specific physical therapy while still getting my upper body stronger. In 12 weeks he took my larsen press from 395 to 440. Currently we are working on a 501 bench and a 2k total and I […]