Goal Setting and Keeping Motivated

What drives you? It’s a question you should ask yourself and only you will know the answer. The topic of goal setting and motivation goes far beyond fitness and it’s also why I decided to write on it. I know that not everyone who reads this has the goal to be a world class competitive […]

Alcohol & It’s Influence on Gains

In today’s society, Alcohol has become a part of our many people’s lifestyle. I will do my best to cover some of the effects that it can have on our bodies and how it can affect us when we set out to reach our strength or physique goals. Alcohol is consumed in the form of […]

Understanding the Effects of an extended Caloric Deficit

Extended Caloric Def

We understand by now that the basis of any fat loss ‘diet’ is for us to establish a caloric deficit. This means we are eating less calories than is required for us to maintain our bodyweight and by default over time we shall lose weight. When we establish a caloric deficit and set goals, it […]

A Practical Approach to Calculating your Maintenance Calories.

From the last post in relation to the energy balance equation I see it fit to discuss how we can go about calculating our maintenance calories. I will attempt to discuss a short yet practical approach that should be easy to understand for most. Firstly, I recommend that you track everything you consume in detail […]

Understanding How to Return to Training After Time Off

The long awaited re-opening of gym facilities in Trinidad and Tobago will finally take place on the 22nd July 2020. Thankful that the economy can begin to function properly once again and as we re-ignite that fire to resume training, let’s be smart about it. Here is a simple guide to understanding a smart way […]