Clay Barone, USA

“I started working with Sanjeev 2 weeks after my second hip surgery and he’s essentially provided me with sport specific physical therapy while still getting my upper body stronger. In 12 weeks he took my larsen press from 395 to 440. Currently we are working on a 501 bench and a 2k total and I know he will be able to lead me there.

Availability – Sanjeev is extremely available and responsive. Many times he’s quick to respond with form critique and will give a more detailed explanation with video edits if needed. He actually takes the time to get to know his athletes and doesn’t just toss templates at them. After every block Sanjeev and I go over what we need to improve and what we need to sustain. These phone calls can go as long as needed— he doesn’t make you feel rushed whatsoever.

Timeliness – I have never received a program late and all questions are always answered within a half hour in regards to training.

Programming – I have not missed one rep in training. This allows me to take the emotion out of the sport and just show up and take care of business. Many times I don’t even look at my spreadsheet until I get to the gym. I think almost every session there has been either a rep, RPE, or all time PR.

Overall Sanjeev is a personable, caring, and competent coach that truly wants the best for his athletes. I honestly think he’s told me to be careful with COVID-19 in the states more than my actual mother. Absolutely have 0 regrets signing up with SSTT Training and I look forward to our progress together in the future.”

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