Meet our Team

StrengthStudioTT’s full list of Coaches…

Sanjeev Teelucksingh 🇹🇹

Head Coach

 The head Powerlifting coach at StrengthStudioTT. Sanjeev has over 10 years of experience in Powerlifting on both the coach’s and athlete’s side of things. Coming from the small Caribbean island of Trinidad, Sanjeev has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge and has applied it in coaching numerous athletes to local, North American, Pan-American and World level success.

Rondel Hunte 🇹🇹

Head Coach

 The Co-Head Powerlifting coach at StrengthStudioTT. In just 4 short years Powerlifting, Rondel has gone from local 105kg runner-up to IPF World Champion & World record holder in 3 disciplines.

Syanna Andrews 🇹🇹


 The Women’s Fitness & Strength expert at StrengthStudioTT. Syanna has 7+ years of experience in the field of fitness and was the 2017 Pan-American 72kg Powerlifting Champion. She has currently moved on to coaching. She has helped numerous women (and men) with everything from strength and muscle gain to dieting, health and body transformation.