Cole Garcia, USA

“I have been working with Sanjeev for almost 2 years now and he has been nothing short of a great coach. He’s very responsive and always sends in-depth voice notes, especially in regards to technique. He also never withholds constructive criticism, and will always tell me when I’m doing something wrong or need to do something differently, which I’m very grateful for. This is all on top of the great quality of coaching as well. When I first joined the team, I had torn my left quad very badly a few months prior, and since then Sanjeev has helped me hit numbers I had really only dreamed of, and we are still building. From when we started working together to now, his coaching has helped me put around 100lbs on my squat, 50lbs on my bench, and 100lbs on my deadlift. In addition to this, my technique in all 3 lifts have remarkably improved, and through his coaching I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge in powerlifting.”

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