Paid Consultation Services

Our paid consultation services are great for anyone who would like to book a one off video chat or phone call with anyone of our coaches to get a chance to ask questions, pick their minds and even get your training videos analyzed. If you are capable and willing to do your own programming or nutrition then a consultation call can be a great way for you to get the guidance you need to set you on the right track, at just a fraction of the cost. You can talk a coach of your choice about anything including programming, technique, nutrition, mindset, game day planning etc.

Consultation Packages

Form Check Only

$ 15 USD
  • Technical Analysis of up to 5 videos.
  • Video feedback and Technical Break down.

30 Minute Consultation

$ 20 USD
  • Video or Voice call.
  • Technical Analysis of up to 5 Videos post call.
  • Ulimited email correspondence with your coach for 24hrs post call.

60 Minute Consultation

$ 30 USD
  • Video or Voice call.
  • Technical Analysis of up to 10 Videos post call.
  • Ulimited access to your coach via social media or email for 48hrs.

Book your call.

 Once you click “book now” you’ll be taken to an information form. There you’ll be able to give us additional information on yourself and what you would like to focus on during your call. After the information form you’ll be taken to the booking screen where you can book a day and time that suits you best, make your payment and receive confirmation.

Have your call.

 Once you have booked, your coach will be immediately notified of the date, time and length of the call. Your coach will give you a call on Skype or over the phone (based on what you chose). If your coach is unable to reach you, they will contact you via email. If they are still unable to reach you, you will have one opportunity to reschedule your meeting.

Ongoing Feedback.

Depending on the package your chose, once your call is completed, you will have access to your coach via email and or social media. There you can send videos or ask additional questions and your coach will be more than happy to help.

Big on Communication

All of our coaches are big on communication between the coach and the athlete. We make it a point to respond to clients as quickly as possible and fulfill exactly what the package they paid for entails,

No contracts

If you would like to pay for more than one month at a time and receive a discount you can ask your coach. Otherwise we do a pay as you go system where you a billed monthly.

cancel anytime

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your coaching experience, all we ask if for a minimum of 2 weeks notice that you would like to cancel your coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a couple's discount?

Yes, if couple’s sign up together they save $150 each. Ask your coach about our couple’s discount on your consultation call.

Can I start after January 13th?

Yes, you can start after January 13th but the 13th is exactly 6 weeks until Carnival Monday so best results will be seen by starting on the 13th.


Is there a payment plan?

Yes, we do have a payment plan in place for those who cannot afford the total cost upfront. Please book a consultation with us by clicking “get started” and ask your coach about our payment plan.

What if I can't make it to either location?

We do have a fully online option for this program, which also comes at a fraction of the cost. Click “get started” and ask your coach about the online option when you have your consultation call.

Can I choose my coach?

Yes you can. We know some people prefer to be trained by men or women or just one of our trainers in particular. When you book your consultation you can ask your coach about anyone in particular.

Is there a student discount?

Yes, StrengthStudioTT offers a %25 discount on all our services and our 6 week carnival burn is no different.

Do I need any equipment?

For your workouts? No, all equipment is provided in the gym and ready for you to use. You will however, need a food scale at home to get the most out of your nutrition plan.

Is my fee refundable if I quit?

Fees are not refundable if a client decides to leave but however if we are unable to fulfill on our end then a FULL refund will be issued.