Jamal Browner's - Deadlift Specialization Vol. 2

SSTT X Jamal Browner’s Vol. 2 Deadlift Specialization program drops at 3pm EST on Saturday March 27th!

You can scroll below to see the full details on the program, sign up for a discount code and see some reviews from vol. 1 of this program!


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TOP Program Features:

> This program works well for both sumo and conventional pullers.

> Volume, Intensity and Exercise selection are automatically adjusted based on your input.

> Squat and Bench press work as well as daily customizable accessory movements are included in this program.

This is our first program to be fully “Home gym friendly” as the entire program can be customized to be performed with as little as a bar, rack, bench and plates.

> This program includes an exclusive deadlift tutorial from Jamal giving his top advice on the lift and how to go about finding technique that works for you.

This program peaks you toward a 1 rep max attempt on the deadlift mainly but it also includes optional 1 rep max testing for the squat and bench press.

We also made the program so that you can run it back to back if you would like.

Here’s what a hand full of guys had to say about some of our other programs:

“I am only on week 8 but my lifts have already exploded. I really like this program and might be the best one I have ever done yet….” – Brian


“It’s a really good program, made my deadlift jump 50lbs, bench 20lbs and squat 25lbs.” – Jade


“I’m on week 4 and my deadlift has already moved from 465 RPE 10 to 465 RPE 6.5. Rave reviews from here.” – Jason


“I give this program a 10/10 it really helped me progress and push out new PR’s.” – Robin


“Really great program, love the freedom and ability to change up variations. 6 weeks in and have already seen a lot of progress.” – Harrison


“This program does exactly what it says. My deadlift has greatly improved over the past 10 out of 12 weeks and I can already feel I’m probably close to a 30lbs increase.” – Matthew


“Been running it for 9 weeks, has great volume and everything feels way stronger. Can’t wait to max week 12, worth every dollar.” – Joseph


“I had some very good results on this program. Getting in contact with the team for quick questions was easy and I always got a quick response…” – Daniel


“The program has been perfect. Been in the pocket every workout, no hiccups or plateaus, just weekly progression.” – Howard


“Wonderful. All of my lifts have benefited and definitely was a change of pace from what I was running previously. Definitely recommend.” – Bryce


“Exactly what I was looking for in a powerlifting program, multiple compound movements each day and a little bit of volume work as well. Also very affordable…” – Kyle


“Love it. Finally seeing progress again after hitting a plateau…” – Alec


“I love it! My lifts have been getting better and progressing well!” – Allen


“It’s been amazing.” – Andrew


“I loved this program. It was touch and it got me comfortable with lifting heavier weights and pushing myself.” – Emmanuel


“Very well set out and enjoyable. Making good strength gains as well.” – Mitchell