Jaime Ortiz, Peru

“If there is something that I am and that defines me, it is “COMPETITIVE” through these 3 years of practicing this beautiful sport of Powerlifting, I decided to look for a coach, someone who would help me fulfill my expectations. Not only to improve my numbers but to achieve the goals I have drawn in my mind and with Rondel Hunte I found more than that. I found more than a coach, someone who cares about the well being and integrity of a person first, someone who is aware of his athletes 24/7, someone who in such a short time has made my strength increase “BRUTALLY” and the best of all of this, injury-free and enjoying the process. If in 6 weeks we can see ourselves like this, I don’t want to imagine how I’ll be in 16 weeks. Headed for the first Goal, SKY’S THE LIMIT.”

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