Jamal Browner's 12 Week Intermediate Vol. 2


TOP Program Features:

> Volume, Intensity and Exercise selection are automatically adjusted based on your input.

> This is our first program that can be adjusted to be either 4 or 5 training days per week.

> This program includes 4 exclusive videos from Jamal giving his top secrets on the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Best Warm-up practices.

This program peaks you toward 1 rep max attempts on each lift and it can be ran back to back with complete different parameters and variations to focus on building all 3 lifts or individual lifts at a time.

Here’s what a hand full of guys had to say about Vol. 1:

“I am only on week 8 but my lifts have already exploded. I really like this program and might be the best one I have ever done yet….” – Brian


“It’s a really good program, made my deadlift jump 50lbs, bench 20lbs and squat 25lbs.” – Jade


“I’m on week 4 and my deadlift has already moved from 465 RPE 10 to 465 RPE 6.5. Rave reviews from here.” – Jason


“I give this program a 10/10 it really helped me progress and push out new PR’s.” – Robin


“Really great program, love the freedom and ability to change up variations. 6 weeks in and have already seen a lot of progress.” – Harrison


“This program does exactly what it says. My deadlift has greatly improved over the past 10 out of 12 weeks and I can already feel I’m probably close to a 30lbs increase.” – Matthew


“Been running it for 9 weeks, has great volume and everything feels way stronger. Can’t wait to max week 12, worth every dollar.” – Joseph


“I had some very good results on this program. Getting in contact with the team for quick questions was easy and I always got a quick response…” – Daniel


“The program has been perfect. Been in the pocket every workout, no hiccups or plateaus, just weekly progression.” – Howard


“Wonderful. All of my lifts have benefited and definitely was a change of pace from what I was running previously. Definitely recommend.” – Bryce


“Exactly what I was looking for in a powerlifting program, multiple compound movements each day and a little bit of volume work as well. Also very affordable…” – Kyle


“Love it. Finally seeing progress again after hitting a plateau…” – Alec


“I love it! My lifts have been getting better and progressing well!” – Allen


“It’s been amazing.” – Andrew


“I loved this program. It was touch and it got me comfortable with lifting heavier weights and pushing myself.” – Emmanuel


“Very well set out and enjoyable. Making good strength gains as well.” – Mitchell