Jamal Browner's Train Along Program

Welcome to the Train Along Program home page! All the information on this program is listed below. If you are ready to train like the best in the world, hit get started now!

What's in the program?

Your membership to this program comes with all the following:

  • Jamal’s exact strength training program on a week to week basis from the time you sign-up! (Started Sunday June 21st 2020)
  • A weekly video from Jamal describing his approach to the coming training week and breaking down his goal for each day. (Also Bonus Tips)
  • Weekly Tips on particular movements and how to approach each training week.
  • Breakdowns on RPE, warm-ups & Rehab work.
  • The option to use our hashtag & tag us so someone from our team can give you feedback on your videos!
  • Built in sections for you to record notes on your workouts, track body weight and overall progress.

How does it work?

How does the program itself work?

  1. The program itself is on your own personal google sheet which we will create for you when you sign-up.
  2. Your document is updated weekly with a new video from Jamal, his exact new week of Training & new tips and advice on the current week.
  3. Everything you need to know to run this training successfully is listed on your sheet. Members are always encouraged to message us @strengthstudiott if they have any additional questions! 

How does Sign-up work?

  1.  After you click “Get Started”, you’ll be taken to the sign-up form where we will get some basic information on you (Age, Country, Powerlifting Experience etc.) which we need to get you started.
  2. After you submit your form you’ll be taken to the payments page where you can choose how you’d like to pay for your program membership.
  3. Once you submit the sign-up form and make the payment, we’ll create a personalized Train Along google sheet for you which contains all the info you need to get started training like the best!

Who is it for?

 This train along program is great for any dedicated lifter who falls into the categories of late beginner, intermediate or advanced and looking to get the best programming for a great price. If you are a complete beginner to the sport of Powerlifting you may need more individualized attention and feedback. You can check out our 1-On-1 Coaching Service which may be better suited for you!

How do payments work?

 All payments for this program are done securely through Paypal. There are two Payment options:

  1. A monthly subscription of $30.
  2. A one time payment of $40 for 1 month of membership.

We recommend the subscription based payment, which can be canceled at anytime but you are free to choose which ever option fits your needs! When you hit get started, you’ll be taken to the payments page!

Big on Communication

This program does not come with any coaching but we always encourage our members to reach out if they have any questions on the program itself. We want to ensure that all our members make progress!

No contracts

Once you become a member of this training program you aren't tied down to any contracts or mandatory membership periods. You can subscribe and pay month to month or pay for 3 months up front.

cancel anytime

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your experience on this program we encourage you to reach out so we can help make your membership more enjoyable, if not then you can feel free to cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program come with any coaching?

No, this program does not come with any coaching but if you do have any questions you can reach out to us on Instgram or via Email.

Is there a student discount?

No, there is no student discount for this program. We do offer 10% student discounts on our 1-on-1 coaching.

How long after I sign up can I start training?

You can start training almost immediately. It usually takes a couple hours for you to be added to the shared program and you can start when you’d like.

Is the program RPE or Percentage based?

We use a combination of both in our programs.

How do I cancel my subscription if I need to?

The subscription based payment is done through Paypal. You can simply go to your paypal account and easily cancel the subscription if need be.

Is my fee refundable if I quit?

No, if a member cancels, all payments already made are not refundable. However, if we are unable to fulfill our end of the deal for any reason then a FULL refund will be given.