Jesus Ledezma, USA

“I started bodybuilding in early 2019, but as the months passed on, I was more interested in gaining strength on the big three. I tried doing my own thing towards the end of the year and quickly hit a plateau. In February that’s when I contacted my current coach, Rondel. I’ve learned so much since then. He really is there for the athletes and assures we get the best results we can, and safely too. In the past 6 months I’ve put over 130lbs to my total. Squat went from 265 to 341, bench went from 200 to 230, and deadlift went from 330 to 360. My technique has improved as well thanks to the video analysis Rondel has done for me. One of the best things I learned working with him, is to not rush things, simply enjoy the process and trust the program.”

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