Jose Gonzalez, Mexico

“I have been working with Sanjeev and StrengthStudioTT for the last 1.5 years and I’ve put over 200lbs on my total since then (1300 to 1500) and I’ve been continuing to gain strength after my last meet.
The great feedback that I’ve received when I send my main lifts recordings from Sanjeev through voice messages have helped me to work on my technique and make changes as needed to make it better.
Sanjeev was also able to go to a meet to handle me. The interactive spreadsheet that they give you with your personalized program is a great tool and he always customize the program based on my needs and the equipment that I have in my home gym. He is able to incorporate exercises and equipment that I want during the off-season.
If you’re looking for a coach that knows what he is doing, cares about you and that you can have a great communication with, Sanjeev would be the best option for you.”

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