Jamal Browner's - 12 Week Intermediate Vol. 5!

V5 drops at 2pm EST on Friday Oct 28th!

By popular demand the regular spreadsheet version of V5 will be available immediately for download on the 28th and all V5 owners who purchase on launch day will be given FREE access to Intermediate 1,2,3,4 & 5 when our App drops later this year!

We’ll also be releasing a few other highly requested programs; Our Strength Focused Upper Lower split, Hypertrophy Focused Push Pull Legs & a couple others! 

You can scroll below to see the full details on the program, Sign-up for a Day 1 discount code & see some reviews from Vol. 1-4 of this legendary program series!


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& Access to V1 – 5 when the App drops later this year! 


9 Top NEW Features: 

> This program has over 4 hours of exclusive NEW video content from Jamal and his coach! Including all new in-depth in person tutorials, nutrition guides, videos on mindset & training approach etc.

> Training Volume, Intensity and Exercise selection are automatically adjusted based on your input.

> This program replaces our old RPE chart with our new personalized RPE calculator. You can simply enter the number of reps and RPE and instantly get a suggested number for the day based on your max lifts. The calculator even works in RPE increments such as 7.5 etc.

To commemorate this being the last program in the series we will be offering the entire program series for the price of V5 only. This launch will be the first and only time this offer will be available. V5 will be available at launch you’ll get free access to the rest of the intermediate series when the App drops. 

This program gives you exclusive access to our community coming later this year. Community members will have access to weekly informative video content, group discussions, interactive Q&As, form checks & more! The community will be closed to the public for the first 3-6 months and V5 owners will be the only ones who have access for that time period.

This program is fully “Home gym friendly” as the entire program (including all main movements & accessories) can be customized to be performed with as little equipment as a bar, rack, bench and plates.

This program peaks you toward a 1 rep max attempt on the squat, bench press & deadlift so it can be used as a full training cycle to build strength or for meet prep.

> The number of weekly training days of this program can be adjusted to be 4 or 5 so you can choose what’s best for you and your schedule.

> Like all our other programs we also made the program so that you can run it back to back if you would like for maximum value.

Here’s what a hand full of guys had to say about the Intermediate series:

“I think it does an incredible job at making it as personalized as possible. Everybody gets an amazing program for them based off of their lifestyle and equipment.” – Xander


“Really enjoyed this program, by far the best time I had going to the gym. Working up to a heavy set and after that doing quite some volume really worked for me, I was able to add 35kg to my total. No regret buying this!” Cedric


“For a non – specialization plan the technique part is amazing.

It is worth the money if you want to increase every Powerlifting movement.” – Alex



“Best strength program I’ve run so far. Gained 40lbs on my squat, 20lbs on bench, and 50lbs on deadlift. This is based on rpe 9 singles from week 11 so the actual maxes might even be a bit higher. Would definitely recommend the program to those who want to increase their big 3 total.” – S.O.


“Great value for the price you pay, good information and great customization for a program made for everybody. It is what you would expect and a bunch more.” – Melker


“I absolutely love Jamal’s programs. I did volume 1 first and it added 50lbs to my squat, 20lbs to my bench, and 70lbs to my deadlift. I’m just finishing up the deload week on the intermediate volume 2 program, and I can’t wait to see the results when it comes time to max out. These are the best programs I’ve ever done for powerlifting.” – Josh


“This program is by far one of the best out there. I can’t imagine this being beat by any other program. The customization on each of the lifts is also amazing. You can literally set up the program suited to your self as well as choose the secondary lifts you like best. I also really like how there were top singles in the program to build confidence and technique.” – Brian


“This is unreal guys! You all should be proud of making this! Im quite new to powerlifting im already in week 4 and my lifts i can tell are already on the rise. 180kg pause deadlift for 1 now is 6 reps at week 4. Thank you cant wait to see the end lifts.” –  Tom


“Absolutely incredible value for money. It is so customisable and caters to your every need. Worth every penny!” – James


“You can’t beat this program for the price a lot of information for cheap thank you guys” – Mike


“Man, currently in week 10, my Max bench was 85 kg Before i Benched 105 for 3 today rpe 7.. dont know Why But it Works. Just invest the 40 bucks or whatever and gain like crazy” – Tom


“Strong contender for best PL program out there imo 5/5” – Jaydan


“Overall added 45kg/99.2lbs to my total in the short 3 months 44lbs to my squat 33lbs to my bench and 22 lbs to my deadlifts absolutely recommend this program to any intermediate to advanced lifter very pleased with the progress!!!” – Jeffery


“Holy fuck this shits good. Stuck at 405 for 2 years and did a 60lb or in 12 weeks. If you’re not running this what are you doing with your life you fucks. Thanks Jamal and team y’all are sick as fuck.” – Avery