Nabil Jariya, Canada

“As a coach, Rondel fosters a genuine relationship between him and his athletes. Personally, Rondel and I have built a relationship revolving around trust, working together, and communicating openly. His sheer passion to pursue greatness resonates with me along with his championship mentality.
On paper, I may have accomplished things but it was a team effort. He’s the mastermind behind the technical analysis, the programming, the deloads, the attempt choices on game day, and much more! To be successful, I had to trust Rondel and his process. I had to be open to work on my leverages, try new techniques, focus on rehab, work through injuries, and stay hungry. We shared the same vision. Visualized the same big picture.
Even on the bad days, when the weights weren’t going up, progress felt like a setback or on the decline, untimely injuries, or mental weakness… Rondel provided the comfort that things will get better. Motivated you on the down days. Encouraged you on the stagnant days. And on the good days told you to stay hungry.
The ability to have a knowledgeable coach pushing you throughout your journey enables you to keep growing as a lifter. It leads to stronger training, progress, and personal growth. We’ve come a long way from a 415kg total to a 472.5kg total in 1 year. And soon to break the 500kg total in the 59kg.”

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