Physique/Weight Loss Coaching

All of our coaching services are fully customized and tailored for your personal goals. The team here at StrengthStudioTT is prepared to work with anyone, from beginner to advanced, first time gym goer or competitive bodybuilder, once they are serious about doing what it takes to get their body to the next level. 

Online Coaching Packages


Best For: Any Experience Level
$ 100 Monthly
  • Custom Training Plan.
  • Custom Macro-Nutrient Plan.
  • Daily Access to your coach on social media.
  • Body Weight & Measurement Tracking.

Virtual Coaching+

Best For: Beginner - Intermediate
$ 150 Monthly
  • All Premium Package Features.
  • Virtual Real Time Coaching Sessions.

Book A Consultation Call.

 All of the services offered by StrengthStudioTT coaches are highly personalized, it is important to us to fully understand our clients goals and training/diet history. As such, before a client pays for or gets started with any package we like to have a free consultation call where we get your questions answered and learn about what you would like to achieve more indepthly. After you hit the “Get Started” button and fill out the initial assessment form the Coach of your choice or one recommended by us will reach out to you to set up your free consult.

Payment & Your Coach Gets to Work.

After the call, once you’ve made the decision to get started, you can pay securely through our site using Paypal. Once your payment is recieved your coach will get to work on your training program or diet plan or both depending on which package you went for. You will receive your program via email and your training & correspondence with your Coach can begin immediately. 

Ongoing Coaching & Feedback.

Depending on the package your chose, your interaction with your coach can range from a few times a month all the way up to every day.

Big on Communication

All of our coaches are big on communication between the coach and the athlete. We make it a point to respond to clients as quickly as possible and fulfill exactly what the package they paid for entails,

No contracts

If you would like to pay for more than one month at a time and receive a discount you can ask your coach. Otherwise we do a pay as you go system where you a billed monthly.

cancel anytime

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your coaching experience, all we ask if for a minimum of 2 weeks notice that you would like to cancel your coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a student discount?

Yes, please inform you coach if you are a student and you can get a discount on any service which is $100 or more.

Do I have to diet?

For best results, when it comes to weight loss or gain, we highly recommend that clients track what they put into their body. This is why a meal plan is included in each package.

Is there a payment plan?

Payments are made via paypal. We will send you the link or email the invoice to you. 

Can I choose my coach?

Yes you can. On the assessment form there is a section in which you can select from a list of all our available coaches for that service.