Jamal Browner’s Deadlift Specialization



Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.

Program Length: 12 Weeks

Overall Lifting Frequency: 4 Days/Weekly

Type: RPE & Percentage Based.

*This program works for both sumo and conventional deadlifters. It is also full power i.e. it also includes Squat and Bench Press work.*

This 12 week specialization program is designed to put poundage on your Deadlift One Rep Max quickly. The program is divided into 2 phases and has built in deload and taper weeks to ensure that you are able to give 100% in the gym throughout this program while avoiding injury or burnout. Although results will vary from individual to individual, once followed closely, beginner, intermediate and even advanced athletes can add considerable poundage to their deadlift.

 THIS IS NOT A COOKIE CUTTER PROGRAM. It is designed to be highly customizable so that it gets results for a wide variety of lifters. Based on your input when setting up the program everything from weekly volume and exercise selection to relative intensity will be automatically adjusted to suit you!

This program includes an in-depth description and step by step instructional page which shows you how to set up the program to suit you and tips on running it effectively. There is also a detailed video explanation of the program if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to read the instructions.

*Once you purchase the program you will be able to download it immediately.*

*If for any reason you have trouble with your purchase or download, please reach out to us as soon as possible.*

47 reviews for Jamal Browner’s Deadlift Specialization

  1. Rostislav Chlebek (verified owner)

    Perfect program for sumo deadlift! For conventional maybe a little bit too much volume in my opinion.. Iam in week 5 now and my previous 1RM RPE10 is RPE8 now.

  2. Matthew Gunawan (verified owner)

    I like the program overall. Other than this one, I have bought my friend’s program that he’s made and this one was much better overall. I’m about to max on deadlifts and debating whether I should go off program because my lifts feel good. However, I’d say that this program has helped me find out my weaknesses and what I need to work on for myself. Overall, the program was great and helped me get passed a 5 month plateau for my 405 deadlift. However, I am about to max and see where my numbers are currently. I will buy the Deadlift Specialization Vol 2. However, I’m going to make my own programs first and see if this works for me, if it does, I will stick with mine but if I plateau, I will purchase a Deadlift Specialization Vol 2 program.

  3. Alex (verified owner)

    Deadlift 1RM went up 30lbs.

    This was the first program I have ever followed, and my first time training in a PL discipline.

    The versatility was great, didnt feel like it was cookie-cutter. If you follow the prescribed RPE to the best of your ability and leave the EGO at the door (for the most part) you will most likely get something out of this program.

    I have my own warmups for SBD and do my own recovery sessions each night after training, my nutrition was on point, I didnt really follow any of the accessory core/abdominal training but did my own, and I substituted some prescribed exercises for alternates that hit the same muscle groups and offered the same intensity, and still caught a 30lb PR.

    Overall this was very worth it. I will be getting V2 and V3 and continue coming back to that when my deadlift is in need of some love.

  4. Levi

    The perfect program for increasing my deadlift, I went from 405-455. I have recommended this program to many people

  5. Ryan Thordsen (verified owner)

    When it comes to a program template it’s much better than any other templates you’d find out there. It’s interactive and pre-programs weights for you, and if it’s inaccurate you’re given a prescribed RPE to follow. Most other templates I’ve bought just have you follow a rep/set scheme, but I’ve learned a lot more about what I can physically handle doing this program

  6. Valtteri Virtanen (verified owner)

    Volume for lower back was a bit too much to handle even after changing background and accessory lifts. I felt like I would enjoy more upper back exercises, since there’s a lot of pressing. Overall got 15 kg to my deadlift in 10 weeks from 200kg to 215kg ish. Had to stop the program a bit early since my body couldn’t recover properly and was at risk of injury. Overall a solid 8/10, great program with great progression but not sustainable for longterm at least for me.

  7. Haotian (verified owner)

    The first program I ever bought. Honestly i skipped some days and movements because powerlifting and the gym didn’t have close to my full attention. My nutrition wasn’t always up to par and my sleep schedule was awful and I still managed to make massive gains to my total as well as physique. Couldn’t speak highly enough of the program or my results

  8. Santtu

    Really well thought out. I had my doubts about ready-made programs before, but i ended up increasing my sumo 1rm by 20kilos on the first run, which is massive for me already deadlifting 3x bw in the -74.
    I like the simplicity, and how the programming is straight forward.

  9. Ben Juska (verified owner)

    It’s great my strength hasn’t only gone up on deadlift but bench too, I love the variations and customization available, I’m 18 and have been powerlifting for about a year now, at the start of the program I could barely do 585 with straps, I’m 7 weeks in now and moved 562 at an rpe 7 hook grip, I’d recommend this to anyone who’s serious about powerlifting but can’t afford a coach.

  10. Joey Ferguson (verified owner)

    The price seemed high at first, but it’s not a cookie cutter program like a lot of others I’ve seen. Being able to customize it for yourself based on recovery really set it apart from other programs for me. Including warmups and prefab/rehab type exercises is really nice as well.

  11. Luc

    Super detailed and individualised. Provide great results (Improved deadlift by 15kg)

  12. Jack Mott (verified owner)

    Lots of volume and practise of the deadlift, but doesn’t make you get use to heavier weight.. endurance and little bit of size was a bonus, defiantly no PBS

  13. Patrick Collins (verified owner)

    Amazing program – deadlift went up by 40kg in 12 weeks…enough said! Loved it!

  14. Christian Daniels (verified owner)

    The volume was a lot, but I think that’s just personal, still pr’d 20 lbs and gained a bunch of valuable information from it. It definitely built confidence in my deadlifts overall

  15. Sean (verified owner)

    Incredible deadlift program, brought me from 505lbs to 550lbs. My bench improved slightly and my squat dropped slightly due to the deadlift intensity and volume, but that’s normal. 10/10

  16. Malcom Lindsey (verified owner)

    Great program for the price, saw great results since I was plateaued before running this

  17. Joseph

    Honestly with the amount of training days I thought it wouldn’t be enough but its just the right amount. My lifts have almost gone back up to my previous maxes before quarantine and it has definitely been the most fun ive had training in a while.

  18. Berto Batista

    Honestly I’m truly happy I started this deadlift specialization program. The Structure is layed out perfectly, most importantly I feel fully recovered going into each session, that’s most important for me. Loving the amount of volume and different variations to choose from. It really is customizable to you, you choose the variations and can switch at any time. I love that. I’m Enjoying the process. Can’t wait to leave it on platform at deadlift only meet end of February! Y’all did amazing with this program 💯

  19. Laurence Conway

    Just started the program really enjoying it have to give a 5 star review because of the excellent customer service. Already feeling improvements in the deadlifts such as Rep prs with 0 fatigue.

  20. Keiren Rodriquez (verified owner)

    10/10 would run again

  21. Thomas Derry (verified owner)

    I like it a lot and feel I’ve made a ton of progress on my deads, once I figured out which rest days I truly needed this program became a lot better for me.

  22. Jesse (verified owner)

    Program was great, i plan on using it again soon

  23. Faraz Mamud (verified owner)

    I love the deadlift program because the exercise selection movements could of been chosen based of my weakness. Also I tend o deadlift round back so I did like the fact the program allowed me to adjust my volume and intensity to accommodate my recovery ability. I finished the program around 2 weeks now and hit a 35lbs deadlift pr. Do look forward to your future programs.

  24. Corey Russell (verified owner)

    I can’t thank you guys enough was literally struggling with my dead for 8 or so months and couldn’t get past 465. Even my coach at the time was stumped. this program got me to 515 my first time running it and i’m about to give it another run

  25. Øystein (verified owner)

    Sorry for my bad english, its the third language i speak/write. I am very happy with the program. I just started working out after a two year pause due to a broken back. Great way to start again and my body reaponds very well to this program, even with the volume.
    Might be worth mentioning that i cleared this with my physio therapist and he liked it a lot. All in all very happy with this!

  26. Musab Squires (verified owner)

    I run a couple deadlift programs in the past because my deadlift was always pretty weak and with Jamal deadlift program I finally managed to cross over the 500 deadlift mark. I also managed a 20lbs bench pr which was surprising. The program was good for me because it also had squat and bench in it.

  27. Gareth Conley (verified owner)

    The thing with this program that was good for me is that I do well with higher volumes and moderate intensity, Jamal’s program allowed me to customized the volume and intensity to my liking without having be strict like a typical pre-made program! I am on week 7 now and sense I should be able to hit a good deadlift pr!

  28. Greg Beard (verified owner)

    I’ve been running the Deadlift specialization for 9 weeks and it went up by 40lbs! The progress is insane!!!! Addicted to the gains . Look forward to see what’s in store for the next few weeks

  29. Jason Tamayoshi (verified owner)

    I’m on week 4 and my deadlift has already moved from 465 rpe 10 to 465 rpe 6.5. Rave reviews from here

  30. Felix Bowes (verified owner)

    me and my bro ran this program together and it’s for sure crazy how we can both have the same program but each week looks totally different for both of us

  31. Mitchel Halliday (verified owner)

    Man one thing I always struggled with was having good structure in the gym I would also go in and over trian. i felt like i needed to do more every session or else i wasn’t working hard enough. What this program helped me with the most was just finding structure and being able to do just enough each day to make progress. I put 70lbs on my deadlift and I hit some decent PRs on squat and bench as well

  32. Liam Spurr (verified owner)

    Just started it but have loved it so far

  33. Lee (verified owner)

    Cannot complain, super tough and challenging but my deadlift has never felt stronger. Will be great going into the 12 week vol 1 program

  34. Joseph (verified owner)

    Been running it for 9 weeks has great volume and everything feel way much stronger can’t wait to max week 12 totally worth every dollar.

  35. Nicholas Echegaray

    This deadlift specialization program has showed me how to get my strength up faster than ever. Really love this program because I have only been on it for 3 weeks and makor gains have already been made.

  36. Darrell Baxter (verified owner)

    I have followed jamal for a while now on Instagram and saw he dropped his deadlift program when he pulled that crazy 1050. I was on the fence at first but decided to buy it and didn’t regret it. My hips are tight and usually my sumo technique is not the best. pleased that his program regulated training variables based on my technique also. I chose the lower end of the ability ro recover from volume and intensity and the program adjusted for me making it very customize to what I can recover from.

  37. Malcom (verified owner)

    I haven’t completely finished the program but being 8 weeks into the program I can say my strength has shot up greatly on all three lifts, personally my hips are a little sore pulling sumo with all of the volume, even tho I have put the lowest settings for volume

  38. Dustin Newman

    I’ve been really struggling not only with deadlift consistency but with having consistency at the gym and with my workouts since I don’t have a coach. It’s been good to have structure to follow and it’s paying off.

  39. will russell (verified owner)

    its great, after the covid quarantine I lost a lot of size and strength. But when gyms opened back up I bought jamals deadlift program and hopped on the vertical diet and got back all of my strength and more.

  40. Steven (verified owner)

    Love from Australia mate. Great program so far I put 15kg on my deadlift and i’ve only gotten to week 8

  41. Jon-Paul Rios (verified owner)

    Good program only thing is the spreadsheet was a bit confusing for me at the start. whoever is running the instagram page was really quick to answer all my questions tho so it was all good. Currently on week 5!

  42. Matthew Giannetti (verified owner)

    This program does exactly what it says. My deadlift has greatly improved over the past 10 out of 12 weeks and can already feel that im probably close to a 30lbs increase.

  43. Jeff Meade (verified owner)

    I’m only on week 2 but it is very different than what I’m used to. I’m used to squat and deadlift once a week and bench twice a week (been training for 4 years now) but this is definitely a test of toughness and I love it. I have goals to pull 600 by year end for the first time (PR is 579) while losing some bodyweight (198 competitor walking around about 200 and trying to get down around 190) so I’m using this program as a catalyst along with a better diet. Looking forward to weeks to come with it!

  44. Kaeden (verified owner)

    Sick program!! Just happy i got it on sale XD

  45. Eliot (verified owner)

    havent start it yet but it look so good! (sorry for bad english)

  46. Harrison Coghill

    Really great program, love the freedom and the ability to change up the variations. 6 weeks in and have already seen a lot of progress

  47. Jade (verified owner)

    it’s a really good program, made my deadlift jumped 50 lbs bench 20 lbs and squat 25 lbs.

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