The Godfather Program Bundle (LIMITED)



Original price was: $239.99.Current price is: $149.99.

This new version of the God Father bundle is available for a limited time. (Extended by Request)

It includes all 5 programs in Jamal’s legendary intermediate series & your discount codes will also work with this bundle!

Since we launched the first of these programs over 2 years ago, this series has become our most highly reviewed, and has produced results for hundreds of lifters around the world.

The 12 Week Intermediate Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 are included in this bundle for a total of 60 weeks / over 1 Year of training with 4-5 max testing days so you build and test your strength along the way.

Included with these programs are also hours of video content from Jamal and his coach explaining the programs themselves, lifting technique, warm-ups and rehab/prehab protocols & training mindset.

Program Types: RPE & Percentage Based

THESE AREN’T COOKIE CUTTER PROGRAMS. They are all designed to be highly customizable and premium so that they work for a wide variety of lifters. Based on your input when setting up the program everything from weekly volume and exercise selection to relative intensity will be automatically adjusted to suit you!

Each program a detailed video explanation if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to read the instructions!

*Once you purchase the bundle you will be able to download all 4 programs immediately.*

*You’ll also get an email from us with download links so you can access the programs on another device if you need to.*

*If for any reason you have trouble with your purchase or download, please reach out to us as soon as possible.*

7 reviews for The Godfather Program Bundle (LIMITED)

  1. Jerry

    what a steal

  2. Lucas Dyrhauge (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely insanely low price for What you’re getting. I love it.

  3. Caden (verified owner)

    bro this is an absolute steal for what you’re getting lmao

  4. Haydn Mcneil

    You can’t go wrong with this bundle, sick programs. Thank you Jamal and SST Team

  5. Robin

    some of the best programs on the market programming wise and the value at this price point is crazy!

  6. Tonisha

    Only got it last week but I love it so far, the responsiveness from the guys on the IG page has been great for any questions I’ve had

  7. Glen Coles

    Awesome value for money, currently on vol 2 and added 32.5kg to my total with vol 1.

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