Jamal Browner’s 12 Week Intermediate Vol. 4



Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $49.99.

Program Length: 12 Weeks (3 Months)

Overall Lifting Frequency: 4 or 5 Days/Weekly.

Type: RPE & Percentage Based. (New System)


During the 2+ years since we launched the intermediate V1 we’ve helped thousands of guys destroy their previous PRs and learned a hell of a lot about what makes a good program great. Every time we drop something new our aim is to set new standards for what you guys expect from a one time purchase program. The relentless positive feedback, insane results and non-stop PR videos from V3 were incredible to see and made us realize we had a task on our hands for V4. Inspired by the results of V3, we went to work on something that would completely change the industry. We bring you…. V4.


11 Key Features: 

  • 4 Hours of in-depth video content by Jamal and his coach. Including 3 never before seen tutorials & common mistake videos, a mindset and training approach video & a detailed 30 min Deadlift tutorial which goes over both sumo & conventional. (This program also includes all video content from V3!)
  • Our New RPE & Percentage system which allows the program to be run both ways; Fully RPE based or Fully % based. Making this program incredibly user friendly for lifters of every single experience level!
  • Our NEW personalized RPE GUIDE which allows you to simply plug in the number of reps and RPE and instantly get a recommended number for the day on any lift.
  • Our new more advanced program customization system. This new system allows this program to be automatically adjusted over 200 different ways. This automatic adjustment is based on your input in the easy to use multiple choice questionnaire.
  • A detailed FAQ page which answers a number of questions we often get about getting the most out of your program, rest periods, accessories and more!
  • Built in 1 Rep max Test week so that you are able to see how much you’ve progressed.
  • Custom variant exercise selection to strengthen your weak points and utilize available equipment.
  • Optional 5th training day for additional hypertrophy movements and/or cardio.
  • A program tracker which keeps a log of data like your weekly body weight, number of hard sets performed, total training volume on each lift and more.
  • A built in deload week at the middle so that you’re able to continually give 100% to your training.
  • Daily accessory work which is now fully customizable to able to suit someone training at a home gym just as well as a full strength facility.


If you’re looking to add poundage to your total and increase your knowledge on Powerlifting & Strength Training. This is the one.


This program includes an in-depth description and step by step instructional page which shows you how to set up the program to suit you as well as tips on running it effectively. There is also a detailed video explanation of the program if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to read the instructions.

*Once you purchase the program you will be able to download it immediately.*

*You’ll also get an email from us with download links so you can access the program on another device if you need to.*

*If for any reason you have trouble with your purchase or download, please reach out to us as soon as possible.*

21 reviews for Jamal Browner’s 12 Week Intermediate Vol. 4

  1. Sebastián Espinal (verified owner)

    The best programs I’ve used, all the content and information you get its amazing

  2. Kieren igbanoi (verified owner)

    Great intro to powerlifting for me

  3. Caleb (verified owner)

    Great program, volume took a while to get used to but it helped me improve my mindset and goals.

  4. Andrew Barreras (verified owner)

    Amazing program. It was very informative and completely worth the price

  5. Edgar (verified owner)

    I am currently on my first run of the v4 program at the moment. The one thing I do like about v4 is how much shorter it is compared to a 4 month program I have done previously. I do like how this program gives you the option to change variations. For example, I wanted to add the larsen press to the next program that I would do and V4 has that option.

    I had to lower my numbers for this program because I lost like 30lbs before I started v4. I am currently on week 7 and I feel like I am gaining my strength back. Hopefully I stay healthy so I can test my maxes and give a better review. I hope to get back to the numbers I once achieved. I do have hope that I could surpass them but I have to be a little realistic considering I lost like 30 lbs.

    My current rating of this program is a 9/10.

  6. Israel Garcia (verified owner)

    Very good UI very simple and efficient improves both your size and strength.

  7. Koalani Gomez (verified owner)

    Program was easy to understand especially for someone that is new to powerlifting programs. The RPE calculator always comes in handy. The program also easily teaches beginners how to build up to a max over 12 weeks instead of just lifting super heavy every week. Program is great and increased my total by 95 lbs!

  8. N

    I am coming from V3. There’s no need to reiterate the greatness of this program series.
    5lbs BW and 70 lbs total increase in 12 weeks
    Squat 455 – 495
    Bench 325 – 340
    Deadlift 500 – 515

  9. Zach dennis

    Love it! My lifts have gone up so much and the rpe and understanding the program

  10. Rex Labis (verified owner)

    Overall really good and very challenging, even from week 1. Ive been a powerlifter for years, always looking to get stronger with everyday and this program allowed you to feel progress with each day. The fact that the program was RPE based and provided a calculator set it apart, as well as the thorough explanations of different terms within the program. Only thing I would preferred (for how I like my workouts to go) is to have accessories of similar parts each day. For example, 1 day of doing a quad or hamstring based accessory doesn’t feel effective enough, even with the RPE system. But overall fantastic for strength.

  11. London Daniels (verified owner)

    I’m only 5 weeks in on Vol. 4 and it has shown growth so overall great. Waiting to buy Vol. 5 when I’m finished with 4

  12. Cedric (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this program, by far the best time I had going to the gym. Working up to a heavy set and after that doing quite some volume really worked for me, I was able to add 35kg to my total. No regret buying this!

  13. Andres Lucero (verified owner)


    started program as an 8month beginner

    Squat – 125kg -> 140kg
    Bench – 92.5kg -> 97.5kg
    Deadlift – 142.5kg -> 160kg
    Total – 360kg -> 397.5kg

    full context: 33 years old beginner, first time I ever touched a barbell was end of August 2021, no previous training, prepared for my first powerlifting meet with this program (Siege of the Shore, WRPF).

    Pretty happy with the results eventhough the test day was done under suboptimal conditions: poor sleep (only slept 3 hours, probably nerves), poor nutrition (only had a shake before meet, a western bacon after bench, and 1L of coffee and electrolytes), and no 2nd chances because it was done in a sanctioned meet. Was aiming for 102.5kg on bench, but failed my 2nd attempt due to a cramp on my left leg; and pretty much locked out 180kg deadlift but grip failed at the last moment before down command, would’ve brought up my total by an additional 20kg had I used the same bar as the 12 week prep, or used straps :P.

    Loved overall structure of the program, 4 days bench, 3 days squat, 2 days dead. Lot’s of options for accesories and variation lifts (front squats!) Includes a cool graph tracking body weight and volume. RPE builds up to a pretty nice peak. Personally wouldve loved more singles and doubles (maybe during week 5, right before the middle deload), but I guess the risk of peaking early is higher at heavier weights.

    Will do a 2nd run for the next meet in 13 weeks.

  14. Aidan Lamkin (verified owner)

    Great program although recovery was hard given volume

  15. Alex D (verified owner)

    I just finished Test week but I skipped maxing out squat, cause my glutes felt a bit stiff.
    Anyways my bench went up by 44 lbs and my deadlift by 55 lbs. So a total increase by 100 lbs just from bench and DL (bench went up to 320 lbs and DL to 510).
    100% recommendation. The weight increases in the percentage based part are a bit too small imo, but the RPE sheet makes up for that. The workouts take their time, but even the general workout volume per day is adjustable. For a non – specialization plan the technique part is amazing.
    It is worth the money if you want to increase every Powerlifting movement.

  16. Jeffrey Gibbin (verified owner)

    Very good quality programming for reasonable price added 20kg to the total more if you count gym prs

  17. John Clary

    One of the Best program

  18. Olaf

    very good program

  19. Sunny

    I’m coming from V2, been running that one over and over and decided to finally upgrade. MUCH better in concerns with getting a whole new package, structure and much more customization with the accessories: includes belt squats, dumbbell/barbell RDL’s, EVEN Lu Raises and just overall accessories that have multiple variations to them. V2 didn’t have any incline work unless you decide to go off program which isn’t a big deal with an accessory lift. Depending how you structure your program V4 let’s you do TON incline work if needed so you don’t get a “powerlifting saggy chest.” (this was the ONLY complaint for me personally concerning V2). Totally recommend this program.

    When you fill out your “bench press variation” in the “Start” sheet, and look at Day 1 with that bench variation, the weights are tied to your regular “bench press” weight you put in, instead of the “variation bench press” weight. Be wary of that.

  20. Chris Cummings


  21. Jack

    Don’t really need to buy it, jamal is just a goat

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