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Jamal Browner's Deadlift Specialization Vol. 2




Program Length: 12 Weeks (3 Months)

Overall Lifting Frequency: 4 Days/Weekly

Type: RPE & Percentage Based.


The first edition of this program helped 100’s of guys set new PR’s. We had guys that were able to break 2 year plateaus, set state records and even a few who gained 100lbs+ on their deadlift. With this second edition of Jamal’s deadlift program our goal is to set the standard for what powerlifting programs should be. It’s been more than 6 months since we dropped the last edition of this program and it’s been for good reason. We took every single bit of feedback into consideration and we packed everything into this one. We added in even more variation options for your main lifts, more in-depth customization which takes 4 key factors into consideration, more accessories options for every single training day, the ability to perform this program entirely at home without a full gym, a warm-up “How-To” and more!

We started working with Jamal on this one in January and we’ve been refining it while keeping it easy to understand for the past couple months. Here are just some of the things we put into it:


Key Features: 

  • Easy to use questionnaire which automatically adjusts your program for you.
  • An Exclusive video Tutorial from Jamal breaking down the Deadlift and giving recommendations as to how you can find what works best for your body.
  • Built in 1Rep max Test week so that you are able to see how much you’ve progressed. (Even Inlcudes Squat and Bench.)
  • Custom exercise selection based on your weak points.
  • In-depth explanation on RPE and how to apply it correctly in training.
  • Warm-up and Prehab/Mobility exercise recommendations.
  • A built in deload week at the middle so that you’re able to continually give 100%.
  • Daily accessory work (customizable and inclusive of home gym friendly exercises).


If you’re looking to blow up your Deadlift, this is it.


This program includes an in-depth description and step by step instructional page which shows you how to set up the program to suit you as well as tips on running it effectively. There is also a detailed video explanation of the program if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to read the instructions.

*Once you purchase the program you will be able to download it immediately.*

*If for any reason you have trouble with your purchase or download, please reach out to us as soon as possible.*

4 reviews for Jamal Browner’s Deadlift Specialization Vol. 2

  1. James R (verified owner)

    Great program, no injuries, feeling very strong. Currently done with week 8 and before I was deadlifting 455lb RPE10, now I’m going for 500lb RPE 9 on week 11. Overall 10/10 for a deadlift specialist program

  2. Jack

    – The plan is really well structured.
    – customisable and easy too change (make sure to watch the 30 minute video)
    – progress is steady and really works if you stuck to it.
    – Great value for money
    – you will see progress with this plan
    – little confusing if you are a beginner ( for me it was understandable )

    Major Cons:
    – despite emailing, or direct messaging them on insta for the smallest question I have not got a response. It’s such a smash question that needed answering and struggling to get any response which is a real shame as it says to contact them if we have any.

    Small cons:
    – Despite the Instagram footage footage looking mint, the poor webcam sound and quality diminishes the Tips and key pointers gone over in the webcam chat. It would be great to have a professional YouTube video done, going over each individuals athletes pointers and demonstrations , would happily pay more too as the webcam footage is quite simply poor.

    Last thought: will happily rate 5 stars if they could answer my question regarding the plan.

    They also mention tagging progress in posts to show support and despite doing it I’ve never been tagged, either way the plan works great and it does more than get the job done and get you ready for a comp

  3. James R (verified owner)

    Great program for building a big deadlift, great for keeping my body healthy and peek strength. Great for overall powerlifting. I just wish there were more top singles at certain RPES

  4. Levi

    Absolutely phenomenal program. Pushed my deadlift from 405-455 with only a 5lb gain in body weight. I was plateaued at 405 for months before running the program. I also hit volume prs on both bench and squat quite easily. Best 4 day per week program I’ve done so far

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