SSTT’s 7 Week Powerlifting Hypertrophy 2.0



Program Length: 7 Weeks

Overall Lifting Frequency: 5 Days/Weekly

Type: RPE & Percentage Based. (New System)

*Although this program is Hypertrophy focused, it is still powerlifting based and does include heavy top set work which is progressed weekly!*

This NEW 7 week powerlifting hypertrophy program is built specifically with the goal of preparing you and your body to destroy your upcoming training program, strength block or competition peak. It is made up of 1 phase of progression which is 6 weeks long followed by a 1 week deload which is designed to leave you feeling fresh and ready to attack your next phase. This program is ideal for lifters of all experience levels and it’s also great if you are just coming back from an extended period of time off or if you just want to get your fitness levels back up to scratch before jumping into a full program.

 We made this one super easy to follow so that almost all athletes could pick this one up and gain value from it. Even with this being our most budget friendly program, we still did make sure to add some of the typical SSTT customization as cookie cutter programs just aren’t our style. You can select your favorite variation movements for each lift from our drop down menu and the program will automatically adjust to suit. Accessory movements are also scheduled and customizable for every single training day!

Additional Features:

  1. This program gives you the option to run it fully RPE or Fully percentage based.
  2. Includes our bonus videos on chest accessory tips & mobility recommendations.
  3. FAQ page answering some of the most commonly asked questions about training approach.

This program includes an in-depth description and step by step instructional page which shows you how to set up the program to suit you as well as tips on running it effectively. There is also a detailed video explanation of the program if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to read the instructions.

*Once you purchase the program you will be able to download it immediately.*

*You’ll also get an email from us with download links so you can access the program on another device if you need to.*

*If for any reason you have trouble with your purchase or download, please reach out to us as soon as possible.*

3 reviews for SSTT’s 7 Week Powerlifting Hypertrophy 2.0

  1. Evaristo

    It was good, felt like there was a lot of chest and leg exercises and not as much back as I would have liked. I think it was a great program for me to start to get back into lifting again. After one of my injuries and got back into where I was.

  2. Juan (verified owner)

    For my first program I saw massive change in my body and started loving what I was doing. Great program.

  3. Nick Rottler (verified owner)

    I ran this program right after finishing the 12 week intermediate volume 4 program, and it was fantastic. It had a great balance of strength focus and volume work. My squat jumped another 10 pounds and bench went up similarly, while also putting on more size in 7 weeks than I ever have previously. Highly recommend as a interim program between meet preps or heavy strength work.

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