SSTT’s Bodybuilding Upper Lower + Shoulders & Arms



Program Length: 10 Weeks

Overall Lifting Frequency: 5 Days/Weekly

Type: RIR Based (Reps in Reserve)

By far our most bodybuilding specific program to date. If you’re looking to get a nasty pump in the gym, isolate problem areas, build mass and really hammer your accessories then this is your program. We’ve taken the tried and tested Upper Lower Upper Lower training split and added our personalized twist to it. Just like our Bodybuilding Push Pull Legs program we set out to create something new that would solely target the Bodybuilding aspect and allow you to focus in on specific muscle groups every time you get inside the gym. This program is perfect for hard gainers and anyone looking to build a solid base of muscle before switching fully to strength specific training. By popular demand, we’re happy to welcome you to our Hypertrophy Master Class 2.0.

10 Major Features:

  • This program is our second program to use our RIR system. RIR is easier to get into than RPE & tailored more toward hypertrophy training meaning lifters of any experience level can jump in right away and leave the gym with a better pump! (There’s also a full RIR Guide / Explanation!)
  • This program includes all the videos from our Bodybuilding Push Pull Legs as well as a few more including over an hour of NEW & Exclusive Video Content. Covering topics like Tracking calories & Macros, a Full Grocery Haul with Rondel, Jamal & a certified Dietician, Supplement recommendations & Maintaining strength on a cut.
  • We simplified this program using our New Bodybuilding customization system so no major set-up is required and you can tweak the program & exercise selection as you go along!
  • This program features supersets, pyramid sets, MYO Reps, Density protocol & more to really ensure that the workouts are fun and also effective!!!
  • This program is NOT home gym friendly. We’re not going to bullshit you, if you want the fastest and most efficient physique progress, you’re going to need a gym.
  • This program includes a long list of options for every single accessory movement even small things like core/ab work are all customizable based on what you have access to and what movements you like to do! This is our New System so all accessory options are even more tailored toward getting you the best progress.
  • Includes a Warm-up How-to Guide which gives a brief explanation as to what you can do before you hit the weights to get the most out of your work-out.
  • This program also has a FAQ page which answers commonly asked questions about our programs and training approach!
  • Lastly, as a bonus we added in a SSTT chest hypertrophy video guide as well as some mobility recommendation videos!
  • This program is built to run Back to Back so once you have it it’s yours to use whenever you need some hypertrophy focused training!


This program is divided into 2 phases and has a built in deload week at the middle so that you are able to give 100% in training throughout!

This program includes an in-depth description and step by step instructional page which shows you how to set up the program to suit you as well as tips on running it effectively. There is also a detailed video explanation of the program if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to read the instructions.

*Once you purchase the program you will be able to download it immediately.*

*You’ll also get an email from us with download links so you can access the program on another device if you need to.*

*If for any reason you have trouble with your purchase or download, please reach out to us as soon as possible.*


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