SSTT’s Fat Loss & Body Recomp System



System Length: 12 Weeks (Includes Training and Macros)

Overall Lifting Frequency: 5 Days/Weekly

Type: RPE & Percentage Based.

Our most advanced and unique program to date. This Fat Loss and Body recomp system has been in the making for the last 9 months and to say that we’re excited to share this with you guys is an understatement. This system includes a full fledged training program and a detailed Diet/Macronutrient plan that both cover everyday of the entire 12 weeks. It’s designed to help you lose up to 12% of your current body weight over the 3 month time frame in a sustainable and healthy manner. The macronutrient plan is also reactive so it adjusts every single week based on your body weight progression! The entire system is FULLY customizable so you can plug in your exact goal body weight and it will guide you to that goal over the 12 week period. You can even enter the same body weight that you’re starting at if you’re not looking to lose weight but you want to recomposition and stay around the same body weight. We’re very confident that this system along with the 15+ video guides that come along with it will be a game changer

Here are a few Major Features:

  • The Macronutrient side of this system can be used together with the included program or with any other program that you’re running right now! We built this with the intention of providing an affordable option for anyone looking to get their diet in check.
  • The system makes micro adjusts to your calories and Macros weekly, meaning that unlike regular systems which just follow a strict formula, this system only becomes more personalized as the weeks go by!
  • The videos included in this program cover a wide range of topics, Steps & Cardio, Micronutrients, How to Track Macros, Sample Meals, Supplements, Water intake, Maintaining strength on a cut & so much more!
  • We added in our New personalized RPE guide to the training side of this system which allows you plug in the number of reps and RPE and instantly get a number recommended to you for the day.
  • Like most of our regular programs this is divided into 2 phases and has a built in deload week along with a few diet refeed days at the middle.
  • This system is built to run Back to Back so once you have it it’s yours to use whenever you have a body weight goal!
  • We added in a simplified version of our customization system to the training side of this system so volume and exercise selection are easily customized based on your input!
  • Like all our more premium programs, this program is fully home gym friendly so you can easily select your accessories from a drop-down menu incase you only have access to limited equipment.
  • Includes a long list of options for every accessory exercise and variation movement even small things like core/ab work are all customizable based on what you have access to and what movements you like to do!
  • Includes a Warm-up How-to Guide which gives a brief expiation as to what you can do before you hit the bar to get the most out of your work-out.
  • This program also has a FAQ page which answers commonly asked questions about our programs!


This program includes an in-depth description and step by step instructional page which shows you how to set up the program to suit you as well as tips on running it effectively. There is also a detailed video explanation of the program if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to read the instructions.

*Once you purchase the program you will be able to download it immediately.*

*You’ll also get an email from us with download links so you can access the program on another device if you need to.*

*If for any reason you have trouble with your purchase or download, please reach out to us as soon as possible.*


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