What do our Clients say?

Here are just a handful of our client testimonials…

Jaime Ortiz, Peru

“If there is something that I am and that defines me, it is “COMPETITIVE” through these 3 years of practicing this beautiful sport of Powerlifting,

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James Wells, USA

“In the 4 weeks I’ve been working with Sanjeev I’ve seen flaws in my technique that I never noticed in prior years of training, and

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Yannik Russok, Germany

“I started working with Sanjeev in February 2020. My best total to that date was 670kg from german nationals 2017. I was basically a wreck.

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Xavier Richardson, USA

“The coaching experience that I’ve had has been great. One thing that is the most interesting is the form of breakdown and videos. Rondel has

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Brian Hurtado, Canada

“I believe Sanjeev started coaching me since late January, his programming has been pretty awesome and efficient. On top of that, my form on all three

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Tyler Bergens, USA

“Since beginning with StrengthStudioTT, my lifting has gone up tenfold, every training block has come with new PR’s, and the workouts are always changing and

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