V5 & Our Free Custom Built App!

With our App the goal is to take the ease of using of our programs and the features we can make available to you guys to the next level. You’ll still be able to purchase your programs through our website and once you buy any one of our programs it’s yours to keep forever!

V5 drops Friday October 28th and we’ll be making our app available for free, on the App Store & Play Store, just a few days before that.

We’ll also be releasing the V5 preview video in just a few days as well as info on how you can get the entire intermediate series on launch weekend!

You can scroll below to see more information on features within the App & Sign-up to be notified when it’s available for download.


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TOP 3 App Features:

> Even more Detailed & Customizable Training Programs: Our app has allowed us to take our programs to an entirely new level while making them easier to understand and use day to day. Each of our programs can be automatically or manually customized hundreds of different ways, run back to back, let’s you log notes & tracks your weight progression etc.

Informative Exercise Library: Our in-App exercise library briefly demonstrates & breaks down hundreds of exercises to keep you informed on correct technique. This library is continuously updated!

> Community: Something we’ve not been able to do over the last few years is provide a more tailored experience with our programs with things like personal technique reviews, Q&As and requested informative videos. With our App the goal is to change that and bring all those features / services to our private community!


How it works:

We know you guys really liked the fact that our programs were one time purchase because it meant that you didn’t have to keep paying every month for access to a program you liked or already ran. That’s the reason why we kept that the same. Our App is free to use and our programs are still one time buys. Once you make a purchase on our website the program will be added to your App account and be made available to you immediately! You can subscribe to our community if you would like but it’s not necessary and cancelling will not affect your access to the programs you own.

Here’s what a hand full of guys had to say about our Programs:

“I think it does an incredible job at making it as personalized as possible. Everybody gets an amazing program for them based off of their lifestyle and equipment.” – Xander


“Best strength program I’ve run so far. Gained 40lbs on my squat, 20lbs on bench, and 50lbs on deadlift. This is based on rpe 9 singles from week 11 so the actual maxes might even be a bit higher. Would definitely recommend the program to those who want to increase their big 3 total.” – S.O.


“Great value for the price you pay, good information and great customization for a program made for everybody. It is what you would expect and a bunch more.” – Melker


“I absolutely love Jamal’s programs. I did volume 1 first and it added 50lbs to my squat, 20lbs to my bench, and 70lbs to my deadlift. I’m just finishing up the deload week on the intermediate volume 2 program, and I can’t wait to see the results when it comes time to max out. These are the best programs I’ve ever done for powerlifting.” – Josh


“This program is by far one of the best out there. I can’t imagine this being beat by any other program. The customization on each of the lifts is also amazing. You can literally set up the program suited to your self as well as choose the secondary lifts you like best. I also really like how there were top singles in the program to build confidence and technique.” – Brian


“This is unreal guys! You all should be proud of making this! Im quite new to powerlifting im already in week 4 and my lifts i can tell are already on the rise. 180kg pause deadlift for 1 now is 6 reps at week 4. Thank you cant wait to see the end lifts.” –  Tom


“Absolutely incredible value for money. It is so customisable and caters to your every need. Worth every penny!” – James


“You can’t beat this program for the price a lot of information for cheap thank you guys” – Mike


“Man, currently in week 10, my Max bench was 85 kg Before i Benched 105 for 3 today rpe 7.. dont know Why But it Works. Just invest the 40 bucks or whatever and gain like crazy” – Tom


“Strong contender for best PL program out there imo 5/5” – Jaydan


“Overall added 45kg/99.2lbs to my total in the short 3 months 44lbs to my squat 33lbs to my bench and 22 lbs to my deadlifts absolutely recommend this program to any intermediate to advanced lifter very pleased with the progress!!!” – Jeffery


“Holy fuck this shits good. Stuck at 405 for 2 years and did a 60lb or in 12 weeks. If you’re not running this what are you doing with your life you fucks. Thanks Jamal and team y’all are sick as fuck.” – Avery