Yannik Russok, Germany

“I started working with Sanjeev in February 2020. My best total to that date was 670kg from german nationals 2017. I was basically a wreck. I had several injuries/problems from mid-2019 on. We started a complete rebuilding of my Squat and pushed my Deadlift and Bench during that time. We found the optimal programming/pattern after a few cycles. Which pushed my total (done at a testing day to comp standard) to 760kg (sbd 270/170/320). Working with Sanjeev is always extremely nice. We discuss the next cycle during a call and he implements some of my own ideas if they are useful/beneficial. He also gave me nice cues and fixed my lifts. I am super happy to be part of the StrengthStudioTT team. I wouldn’t have been able to lift those weights without Sanjeev’s Coaching.”

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